Building Overview

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Building your dream home with Villagree is more than just picking from a list of standard floorplans with basic finishes and options.   You will enjoy the opportunity of creating a sanctuary for you and your family with an exquisite one-of-a-kind custom designed home.  

Getting Started

We understand there is a blend of both excitement in building your very own dream home as well as apprehension in the scope of the project.  With Villagree, our clients repeatedly express how much they enjoyed every phase of the building process.  The initial step will be identifying your overall budget for the project.  This should include the total cost of the home, property, utilities, and other potential expenses associated with the build (removal of trees, HOA dues, etc) which we will outline up front for you.   Throughout the project, we ensure your budget is kept in mind so there are no surprises when it is time to close on your completed dream home.  Clients enjoy our worry-free and straight-forward approach to pricing along with our impressive no-need-to-upgrade standard features included in every Villagree home.  Our reputation has afforded clients with the ease and enjoyment of building with Villagree.  


Villagree has simplified the financing options for the construction of your new custom dream home.   More often than not, we hear from buyers regarding apprehension and uncertainlty of where to start with financing a lot and the construction of the new home – or either one seperately. How much can they qualify for? How can they purchase a lot ahead of time if they do not want to start construction of a new home until later? Do they have to sell their current home first? These questions can be overwhelming. This is why Villagree has partnered with a local bank to provide straightforward lending options to meet the specific needs of your family.


Lot Financing

 We have partnered with a preferred local lender to ensure a smooth and hassle-free financing experience.  Offering flexible options, the lot can be financed separately from the actual construction loan.  Some clients prefer to purchase a lot even 18 months before they want to start the build of their home to allow for the sale of their existing home or just designing their custom forever-home.  

Construction Loan

Our preferred lender also provides extensive and flexible financing options.  Every buyer’s situation is unique.  This is why we have established a long-term partnership with a reputable local lender who can provide hassle-free lending options for the construction of your new home.

Lot Selection

Identifying the location of your new home is among the initial steps.  We can build on your existing lot if you already have one.  If not, we can work with you to best identify your preferred location – whether it is a specific community, neighborhood, or acreage property.  No need to worry.  We offer full service Real Estate services with access to all MLS listings.  Along with our builder expertise, we can help identify any potential challenges with specific build-sites, utilities (well and septic or tapping into existing water and sewer), as well as specific architectural requirements for specific neighborhoods that may be required.  

With Villagree, we ensure every phase of the building process is truly enjoyable!  And it all begins with the lot selection to build your new dream home on.  

Designing Your Forever Home

With Villagree, we custom design every one of our homes, unless you already have your plans which we can certainly use.  This is unique among the building industry.  More often than not, a builder will send clients their to work directly with an architect.  Clients then discover when the plans are complete that their new dream home that they spent months designing is no longer affordable.  Typically, we can have a full set of custom plans within just a few months.

With Villagree, we eliminate any worries of your home scoping out of budget.  By working directly with the builder, we ensure not only the vision of your dream home is captured, but that your home and design is also within your overall budget.  Repeatedly we hear from clients and guests that there is a distinct difference in the overall functionality and design of a Villagree Home, along with unprecidented finishes that are the highest among the industry.

Developing your custom floorplan for your new home consists of unlimited one-on-one design meetings.  With Villagree, every home is a masterpiece and we ensure no detail or option is overlooked.  Also, based on the lot selection, we ensure certain items are reviewed and considered in the overall design – such as views, decks, courtyards, window placement, and creating an overall harmonious blend of indoor and outdoor space.  We take pride in ensuring our homes are the envy of the neighborhood.  We often hear from clients that our homes are comfortable and liveable with exquisite use of all available space.

Construction Phase

Throughout the project, you will have on-site meetings with the Builder and specific subcontractors to ensure all aspects of your forever-home are captured and reflected with your vision. Villagree takes great pride in the personal relationship created with each and every family.  If what you require is more than just a list of basic features, standard options, and repeated designs then choose Villagree to create the home – and sanctuary –  of your dreams!