Collections of Home Styles

Villagree, a builder of luxury homes, balances the clients preferred home style with exquisite finishes and craftsmanship.  The beginning of every design project is a time of creative exploration as we work together in identifying a specific style, as listed below, or a blend across several styles. As the exterior renderings typically identify a specific architectural style, the interior allows for a blend of various finishes to include woodwork, iron work, stone, beams, timbers, trim, flooring, cabinetry, and hand texture among others to evoke the design requirements of each client’s vision of their dream home.  This is where Villagree exceeds in the custom home industry by embodying the significance of both exterior and interior design to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that is beyond exceptional.  

The Villagree team has spent countless trips across Europe to inspire architectural styles, finishes, and design elements incorporated in the custom homes.  From century old castles, English manors, French country estates, Tuscan villas, and more – Villagree provides unique designs in the European Collection with finishes and advanced research providing inspirational design portfolios for each client to garner architectural significance.  This holds true for the American Collection – Mountain Craftsman to Modern – every home is meticulously crafted to heigten not only the design, but the quality craftsmanship inspired in each architectural style.   


European Collection

The stately grandeur and warmth evoked by the Tuscan Villa as a fortified family estate provides for simplistic refinement and functional design.  With the kitchen as the main attraction, the villa provides for both practical entertainment as well as dedicated family spaces for a harmonious Italian  holiday retreat.


From storybook cottages to grand manor homes, handcrafted woodwork and quaint detailing embodies the European Cottage.  The homes dot the countryside and provide a welcoming ambiance  with comfortable elegance reminiscent of yesteryear.  From open floorplans to hidden library bookcases, each home is uniquely inspired.


Elegant farmhouses to stately chateaus, the French Country style presents refinement blended with functional design components.  Scattered across the countryside among towering trees, the estates exemplify grandeur and elegance boasting a modest flair for welcoming both guests and families to a home that personifies warm opulence.


Mediterranean villas to the manor homes of The Highlands, century old estates have stood the test of times.  The welcoming hand hued beams, handcrafted woodwork, and the warmth of saw scraped flooring tell a story in itself.  Charming, yet stately.  Welcoming, yet noble.  The style blends across many countrysides providing for simple elegance.





American Collection


From the sun swept prairies to the rich ranch soils, the American Farmhouse roots run as deep as the founding of our country.   Large wrap-around decks lead into the graceful, yet functional, eat-in kitchens and large family spaces.  Guests are welcomed with the simplistic design that embodies 8″ hand scraped plank flooring, modest brick accents, and white-washed beams.


Clean lines, simplistic styling, elegant touches, and functional spaces embody the Modern design components.  By blending neutral touches with elegant finishes, the homes affords both guests and families with unique spaces and personal touches beyond extraordinary.


The Mountain Chateau blends handcrafted woodwork, exposed beams, exterior architectural touches with comfort and elegance.  The style, reminiscent of a century old estate, signifies old world touches with a mountain home by utilizing large timbers, oversized stonework, and large plank flooring.


The Mountain Craftsman style utilizes a blend of dignified materials such as timbers, stone, brick, and handcrafted woodwork.  With simplistic clean lines, wood ceilings, large outdoor spaces, and white washed beams the estate blends both simple elegance and comfortable flair fitting for any Colorado mountainside.


Using timbers, bold contours, oversized stone, and simplistic clean lines, the luxurious design affords both families and guests with a blend of neutral colors tones, bold architectural woodwork, and functional – yet unique – space.  Suggestive finishes of the Mountain Modern design are thoughtfully blended with architectural features of a mountain lodge.


The quintessential Mountain Lodge evokes both stately grandeur of a Colorado ski lodge and the coziness and convenience of a family home refined for both entertainment and tranquility.  Using oversized timbers, handcrafted woodwork, large ironwork, 9″ plank rustic flooring, and floor-to-ceiling grand stone fireplaces the home boasts modesty and comfort.  Making smores in the outdoor gas firepit brings vacation home.


The American Traditional home is built around a functional design for both entertaining and family space.  With large open living areas, outdoor patios and decks, as well as simplistic charm, the home provides for relaxation at its finest.  Thoughtful styling such as arches, beams, stone and brick touches, and a blend of neutral color tones with a splash of color evokes this estate as a modest – yet elegant – retreat.