Financing Options

Villagree has simplified the financing options for either the construction or purchase of an existing home.   More often than not, we hear from buyers regarding their hesitancy from where to even being for a Lot or Construction Loan. How much can they qualify for? How can they purchase a lot ahead of time if they do not want to start construction of a new home until later? Do they have to sell their current home first? These questions can be overwhelming.

That’s why Villagree has taken the guess work out of those questions and partnered with a local reputable bank to provide straightforward lending options to meet the specific needs of your family.

First Oak Bank is a preferred lender for Villagree.  Our clients enjoy the ease of doing business with them, as well as working with a lender who understands custom luxury homes.  First Oak Bank shares the same client-centric service philosophy as Villagree – making it the perfect fit to do business with.  



Types of Loans

Lot Loan

Provides financing of the land where the new home is to be constructed. There are various loan options depending on the buyer’s specific requirements. This may include scenarios where the land will be purchased in advance of starting the actual construction of the home, waiting for an existing home to sell, etc.  Once the Construction loan is in place the lot loan can be rolled into it conveniently providing for a single loan.

Construction Loan

Provides the short-term financing of the construction costs and expenses for your new home. Typically the interest-only line of credit is for a 12-18 month period, but may vary depending on the specific nature and size of the overall project.  There are also flexible down-payment options that may or may not require you to sell your existing home first.  These are dependent on your inidvidual financial situation and can be easily determined.

Mortgage Loan

The long-term mortgage will take affect once the construction of the new home has concluded.  Essentially, the mortgage will ‘pay-off’ what is owed on the lot or construction loan(s). Many banks provide mortgages and should be consulted accordingly.  We can offer recommendations of various Mortgage Lenders than can assist with the financing of your new home after the construction period is over, as well as the purchase of an existing home.


Bridge Loan

Short-term financing typically used to provide a down payment from the equity in an existing property. May be used to purchase vacant land or for the construction loan.


All loans are based on individual financials and applications.  Villagree Homes LLC makes no guarantees on qualifications.