Why Custom Build?


As a custom builder and real estate broker, we are often asked the advantages to custom building a new home.  When homebuyers make the decision to purchase a home there are certainly options.  

  • Purchase an Existing Re-sale Home
  • Purchase an Existing New Home
  • Build a New Home
  • Build a New Custom Home

There are advantages to each of these options.  However, with those advantages are also disadvantages for each.  Most homebuyers dream of being able to one day build their very own custom home – complete with all the finishes, selections, style, and a floor plan that they have imagined for years.  To some, no matter how exciting it sounds, are either faced with overwhelming hesitations, heard horror stories of building, do not have the financial ability, or just don’t have the time to do so.  All of these are valid concerns.  In fact, these factors are why the re-sale market of existing homes is the most common and why very few homeowner’s actually build their ‘dream’ home.

This is why the Villagree homebuilding experience is different.  We have simplified the custom build process into a single one-stop program.  And the most impressive aspect is that we maintain a cost-effective model.  Building a new custom home has never been this affordable!  Our worry-free philosophy provides for ‘Standard Finishes*’ to be among the highest in the industry – making each and every Villagree Home truly exceptional without breaking your budget – or expectations!

Experience the Villagree Difference:

  • Villagree Real Estate – Identifying your preferred community and lot to build your new home on.
  • Villagree Design Services – Design of your custom dream home.
  • Financing – Partnership with a local Bank for Lot and Construction Loan Financing.
  • Villagree Homes – Build your custom dream home.
  • Villagree Design Services – Assist with the interior and exterior finishes and color selections.
  • Villagree Real Estate – Sell of your existing home.
Villagree - Homes 2017

Our clients repeatedly tell us how much they enjoyed building their custom home with Villagree.  This is not only demonstrated through referrals from existing clients, repeat clients, but also in the testimonials we receive.  When you make the decision to build with Villagree, you can be assured that the experience will be hassle-free and the ultimate rewarding home-purchase experience of your lifetime.  We are that confident!  So when it comes to building your new home, you can relax knowing that you have a partner in the homebuilding industry.

Reward yourself and choose Villagree!